About Us

Destination Indonesia is a part of the knowledge sharing program of LombokCare Foundation, which provides internship locations on the beautiful island of Lombok. Lombok is the ultimate tropical and not too touristy island, in short THE PLACE to gain your experience abroad. We have more than 10 years of experience in internship mediation, we speak fluent Indonesian, we have legal Indonesian permits and we work closely with local provincial offices.
No standard vacancies, Destination Indonesia offers unique custom work, we will look for an internship based on YOUR WISHES.
Destination Indonesia stands for:
  • Improving the possibility of internships
  • Improve the supervision of interns in Indonesia
  • Increasing international cooperation
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience

Why an internship in Indonesia?

  • 17.508 islands
  • 257.900.000 inhabitants
  • > 300 ethnic groups
  • 746 languages
  • 80.000km coastline
  • 140.000.000 hectares of rainforest
  • 150 vulcanos
  • 28.000 types of flowers and plants

What's in it for me?

An internship in Indonesia means much more than just a nice point on your resume. It is all about pushing your own limits and deepening your self-knowledge. You will not only learn a lot from the Indonesian population, but they can also learn a lot from you.



A Sustainable Internship

You also contribute to a "social responsibility" as 10% of the amount you pay for our service is donated to a local foundation! With this you really achieve a win-win situation! Don't wait any longer and broaden your horizon.

Internship Experiences

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